We provide following services.

1. For Vehicle Buyers:

People wishing to purchase a vehicle please download the FREE used vehicle buyer's guide.

2. For vehicle Seller:

3. For Dealers:

We provide lead generation for your business. Online marketing is now s big part of advertising.
Our services capture direct internet searches related to your business, in the case of; we capture search query’s, containing terms for used cars in Newfoundland and Labrador. In January 2007 alone there were over 10,000 searches/people online looking for cars in Newfoundland.
Here are just a few terms:
We capture this traffic by being placed in search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. Plus we own authoritative domain names and What we offer you.
A full page ad under your city/town of choice, your ad can be changed daily and completely managed by you. You will be given access to the page by ftp to add what content you wish or simply email us your ad to upload, also if you already have a web site we well add a link straight to your home page to get leads to your web site. For more information please check out the contact page.