Guide For Buying a Used Car.


Guide For Buying a Used Car.

1. If you are buying from a used car dealer, talk with friends and associates who may have
done business with the dealer. Ask the dealer if he/she is licensed under The
Automobile Dealers Act.

2. Know how much you want to spend before you go shopping for a car.

3. Inspect and test drive the vehicle. Have the vehicle inspected by an independent
mechanic of your choice.

4. Be careful of high pressure sales. Take your time to make your decision to purchase. If
you like we have a car broker that can make the deal for you and even get greater
discounts off any dealer.

5. Ask the dealer for the name and address of the previous owner. The dealer is required
to give you this information if you request it. Also you can get the VIN and do a VIN
check, this well get you all the history of the vehicle. A Vehicle Identification
Number, commonly abbreviated to VIN, is a unique serial number used by the
automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles.

6. Always check to see if there is a lien on the vehicle. Call the Registry of Bills of Sale,
Dept.of Government Services & Lands at 729-2901, for this information.

7. If a used vehicle is usually sold as is. This means there is no warranty.

8. If there is a warranty, ask for a copy and review it carefully. If you are given a verbal
warranty, ask the salesperson to write it on the receipt.

9. Inquire about the availability of parts and service, particularly if the car is imported or a
less popular model.

10. Do not pay a deposit unless you intend to complete the transaction. Your deposit may
be forfeited if you do not take delivery.

11. Before buying or selling a vehicle, check the book value. Telephone 1-888-238-3347

12. Remember! Once you take possession of the vehicle there is no cooling off period or
cancellation rights. When you sign the contract you own the vehicle. Unless the dealer
says otherwise, again get this in writing.

13. Last your are in control, take your time, shop around, if you can use cash to buy ,do so
this well get you another discount, because you have cash on hand to close the deal fast.
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